Sunday, November 24, 2013

Using Copics on Fabric

After attending the Copic Color and Ink Workshop, I've tried several projects using techniques we learned.  Using Copics on fabric (muslin) was one project I really liked.  I ordered some small (5x7) muslin bags from and stamped and colored a variety of little gift bags.

These are some general all-occasion bags.

Now I will tell you about each bag.
This first one is the one we did in class.  The muslin is much smoother than what I found on, but both worked fine.


Here are some instructions for coloring with Copics.  Place a folded sheet of paper inside the bag before stamping.  This prevents the ink and markers bleeding to the back side of the bag.  Stamp on the fabric with a fabric ink, such as Versacraft or Fabrico.  Or you could use a pignment ink.  It will be need to be heat set with a heat tool before coloring.  Caution:  muslin scorches easily, so don't hold it in one place long.

Color lightly, not going all the way to outline, since Copics do spread.  Use a very light touch and blend slightly.  Too much saturation will ruin your image and go out of the lines.  You cannot use the Colorless blender marker to erase, as you can on paper.  It is still possible to blend a little bit with a lighter color, but be careful.

Then heat set with the heat tool, and you probably want to do that between colors also.  Copic ink is not waterproof, so do not launder. 

This next bag is stamped with Flutter By by Red Rubber Designs.

The next cute little girl is Wonder and Joy by Red Rubber Designs.

And these are some Christmas gift bags I made.


Build a Snowman by Red Rubber Designs
(check the website for availability)

Christmas Bear by Mabelle R.O.

Holly  by Red Rubber Designs

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poki said...

You did my favorite butterfly! (I used Flutterby in my class last week too!)

Paula-Kay Bourland said...

That one I made for you, poki. You will get it in January.

Sarah said...

All of these are so beautifully done, PK. You really have been blessed with the ability to use those Copics to achieve professional results.

Meihsia Liu said...

These all are fabulous, Paula-Kay. I love your beautiful coloring. :)

Trina said...

These are fabulous!

butterfly said...

Well, I know I'm a bit late catching up with these... but I love the colouring on the muslin - it's so effective. Love the pinecone (I've had a bit of a thing with pinecones this Christmas!).
Alison x

Glittered Paws said...

Beautiful giftie bags - I think I am going to have to order some muslin bags soon. Great job.